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ProForce Training

ProForce is a business committed to motivating and empowering professionals to improve what they do and how they do it. In the end, it’s what people do differently after working with us that counts. Our simple philosophy ensures that our participants will always return to work with new skills and techniques and most importantly the confidence to actually put them in to practice.

Training plays a vital role in the development of individuals and teams. We understand the need to train professionals to maximise their potential and help their organisation achieve its goals. Most importantly we have the expertise, firsthand knowledge and the proven track record to develop and deliver the very best in performance and business impact.

Our 8 Modules are designed to both stretch and develop individuals at pivotal points in their careers, enabling both graduates and managers to consistently grow, learn and perform.

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In today’s fast moving commercial environment the challenges that face managers are wide ranging.

Our management programmes are specifically designed to support managers to meet these challenges and to improve both their own and their team’s performance.

The main focus is on managing young people who are new to the workplace and the specific issues that arise from this such as motivation, retention and the development of essential business skills.

There is a big risk in not training managers how to manage.

The costs of losing people due to untrained managers is hard to measure but dangerous to ignore.

Our management programme provides the essential skills and knowledge to build on for future success. At ProForce our passion is for empowering people and our team of highly skilled and experienced facilitators ensure that the programme is challenging and practical and delivers tangible outcomes for immediate application.

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A large portion of our clients engage ProForce with specific training needs and objectives. We understand every business is different, and our tailored training offering ensures the specific needs and unique objectives you wish to achieve are met and exceeded. Our consultants are all experts in the delivery of training programmes at the highest level.


At Proforce we have a passion for “making training stick”.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to develop individuals and sales teams and make performance improvement a reality rather than just a “nice to have”.

For there to be tangible performance growth and improvement external (trainers, coaches, education, networks) and internal (manager as coach, culture, peer support) drivers need to work closely in tandem.

At Proforce we strongly encourage line managers to work closely with trainers and coaches and to engage with the learning process as much as possible.

What happens pre and post training is more important than the training itself and this is where the magic happens.

Our Success Stories


At the end of each course every participant is asked to complete an action plan, providing an opportunity for meaningful follow-up and performance improvement.


Coaching and training work hand in hand to deliver tangible and lasting performance improvement.

Proforce offer face to face executive coaching and Skype coaching sessions to ensure post programme action and implementation. Proforce coaching is results focused and a great way of developing individuals.


At Proforce we have innovated business impact methodology that is designed to measure the tangible outcomes to the organisation post training.

Freyr Myers' Story

Managed Lease Account Manager, Smart Leasing

“Fake it till you make it” - Possibly the best advice I got from Trainer Cameron, because look at where it got me today. I remember being slightly intimidated at my first training course, but this piece of advice took me a long way when today, 8 months later, I can proudly call myself a successful Account Manager at Smart Salary. 

“Account management is one of those roles that graduates aspire to work towards, however jumping into this role straight out of Uni, I had a lot of catching up to do to prove myself worthy. It was a massively steep learning curve for me, I had to quickly learn how to handle clients and manage their accounts, with no prior knowledge on how to do so. That’s where ProForce training stepped in. The past four modules have not just given me invaluable knowledge, they have helped me grow my confidence in not just myself but also my ability to be an outstanding Account Manager.

What I loved most about the courses was engaging with trainers that had a wealth of knowledge so specific to my role and industry. Their real life experiences really enhanced the learning experience as you really get a sense of ‘them having walked in your shoes.’ Thus the advice and help that we received was so easily transferable to my role, making it a formula for success. I was able to address my areas of weakness, such as negotiation, and work with the trainers to build this through all four modules. 

Today, I no longer get anxious during negotiations and pull them off with confident grace. ProForce training gave me tools to work with that complimented my personality, as what worked for others might not have worked for me and vice versa. The trainers recognised this and worked with me to develop strategies to deal with clients in a genuine way. The result of this was better working relationships, higher retention rates, and an overall greater success. 

Thanks to ProForce Training I was able to step out of my comfort zone and subsequently feel empowered as a result of that.”

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Philip Poyzer's Story

Channel Contract Manager, IPscape

“What universities don’t tell you is the gap between completing your studies and joining the full time work force. This gap is often where many graduates fall through as they struggle to adjust to this new environment. ProForce Training acts as the ‘bridge’ between the two, linking the transition from being a full time student, to a full time corporate professional. 

As graduates still in learning mode, ‘Module One - Professional communication’ builds a solid foundation where we are able to learn to interact and engage with colleagues and clients alike in a professional manner. In this safe environment, graduates are able to experiment different approaches when initiating contact and introducing themselves, one of the most useful exercises to finally be able to tackle the dreaded ‘What do you do?’ question with confident articulation.

Trainer Julia was great at being able to challenge my thinking and encourage me to self-reflect. Different to the feeling of being in a lecture hall, I was constantly engaged with her energy and practical real-world knowledge.

Every module I walked away with valuable resources that I started to implement in my role. I gained an acute awareness of my own emotional intelligence - yet another thing you cannot learn in a University classroom. Being taught methods on how to read people, understand their tone, body language and personality type; and adjusting my own approach to mirror them, resulted in having built lasting client relationships based in trust. With the ability to better understand my clients unique needs, I am able to tailor solutions that resonate with them on a personal level.  

After successfully completing all 4 ProForce Training modules, the results for myself and my firm, IPscape have been exponential. After being promoted to Contract Manager, I recently negotiated a deal with a large multinational telco with a beneficial outcome for all - a feat I would have deemed impossible 9 months ago as a fresh graduate. As I continue to grow in my role and aspire to progress, I know that the skills I developed in ProForce Training will be the key to success.”

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Roquito Enriquez's Story

Business Development Manager, Cash resources Australia

“Everyday I meet and greet so many people related to ProForce, I’m part of this fantastic network that’s help me grow as a person. 

My introduction to ProForce was through an Education day, and like everyone else, I was just another nervous, unsure graduate. I was fortunate enough to be selected for an interview with Cash Resources, and luckily landed the role! But I believe the best thing both my company and ProForce did for me was not give me a job, but push me into the training that followed. I found myself back in the ProForce offices, with the same unsure graduates, now even more unsure having found themselves immersed in the big scary world of full time work like myself.

But it amazes me what training did not just for me, but for all of us. By the third module, I had already seen the distinct change. This was no longer the same group of nervous graduates from my first interaction. Standing before me were a confident, dynamic group of young professionals - and surprisingly, this included myself.

Today, I am able to walk into any atmosphere and hold my own. Armed with strategies to correctly structure a meeting, plan a powerful presentation, and close a deal effortlessly;  I now enjoy the client facing aspect of my role thoroughly. 

When it comes down to it, I owe it all to my strong support network. My team and mentors at Cash Resources have guided and empowered me with a sense of responsibility, the trainers at ProForce instilled in me the confidence to influence and persuade my customers in innovative and engaging ways, and lastly my peers, those other ‘unsure’ graduates, who have evolved into successful and empowered individuals, these guys consistently inspire me. We started this journey together, and aim to move forward together with the same gusto and enthusiasm we shared in those many training sessions.”

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––– What Our Clients Have To Say –––

  • “In my many roles at Clear Channel I have had the pleasure of working with Julia on a regular basis over the last 12 years. She has consistently delivered high quality training in the sales and management area, the feedback from her courses is always excellent and she has frequently helped coach team members outside of these courses to enable them to achieve their goals.”

    Adam Butterworth, President, Clear Channel Outdoor, Canada


  • “Julia is a great asset to any company and provides invaluable training, coaching and developmental support. Julia has helped produce custom training and coaching programmes for all levels of staff as well as setting clear 12 – 18 month structures for front-line professionals and managers alike. I have enjoyed working with Julia and will definitely use her in the future.”

    Bryn McGeever, Commercial Director, Cirrus Media Australia


  • “It’s rare to find a trainer who stands out like Cameron. I took a training course in Account Management at ProForce and was singularly impressed with Cameron’s scope of real-life experience and his ability to distill and deliver the essential principles so effectively. Cameron is not only expert in his field, but also expert at engaging a room and getting people on board with ideas while being completely approachable, fun and curious about his audience’s own experiences. He made sure everyone walked away with a smile and a wealth of practical tips. Cameron earns my highest recommendation.”

    Holly Williamson, In-House Legal Counsel, Bynder


  • “Cameron is an excellent trainer. He combines his in-depth theoretical knowledge with practical sales experience to create an informative and accessible training program. Furthermore, he took the time to understand and adapt his teachings to our needs in order to make each session relevant to individual learning objectives. Cameron's collaborative teaching style created a welcoming learning environment and his feedback was invaluable to my own development. For all these reasons and more, I highly recommend Cameron as a trainer.”

    Laurice Dela Cruz, Business Development Executive, Truphone