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Graduate Placement

ProForce offers Graduates exciting opportunities to fast track their careers, whilst helping companies recruit enthusiastic talent. With thousands of students graduating in Australia every year, graduate recruitment can be a complex and daunting task. We provide our client companies with a range of bespoke services, using methods that best satisfy their individual needs. Part of this innovative approach is our ProForce Education day, giving graduates and clients an interactive space to engage with one another ensuring you not only take on the brightest talent but also the right cultural fit for your organisation.

  Education Day

Renowned for their Education days, ProForce provides a channel through which graduates are able to acquire knowledge of job hunting in the real world.

A ProForce Education Day provides graduates with an insight as to how graduate intake days are run and additionally informed on frameworks assessors operate under. With the opportunity to participate in group activities, have a face to face interview, and present to top executives directly, graduates are provided with a platform to truly challenge themselves and build their confidence. With immediate detailed feedback on their performance, and a seminar covering everything from resumes tips, first impressions and interview technique, graduates are armed with the right tools to take their first steps towards landing their dream job.

With ProForces extensive network and close working relationships with over 1200 both Global and Australian businesses, our clients rely on us to find them the perfect fit for their roles within the Business to Business sales space. The graduates that display the correct aptitude and qualities matching our clients needs will then be successfully put forward for interviews and placed with our client partners. Our graduates have been successful in attaining roles as Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Marketing Executives, Project Managers, and many more. The opportunities that graduates are exposed to through us remain exclusive to ProForce.

With a commitment to ensuring success in your career, ProForce continually supports graduates through their first year of employment with valuable training consisting of four professional modules tailored towards the fast paced world of B2B sales.

Put simply, the ProForce mission is to realise the potential of Australia’s most capable graduates and give them their best chance at succeeding within their careers.

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  For more help, refer to our Graduate managers Education day Hints and Tips.

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Our Success Stories

Joshua Loy's Story

Field Consultant, Smart Salary

“The last few months have been a complete whirlwind. My introduction to ProForce began with a phone call from Victoria, a member of the Graduate Management team qualifying me for a role I applied for a week earlier. It just so happened I had already accepted another role hours before her call thus I promised to save her number for a rainy day.

Little did I know I’d be calling her back a month later! After stepping into my new role I quickly realised it wasn’t what I was after, and remembering my chat with Victoria I decided to pursue the many opportunities she spoke to me about.

The next day I found myself in a room with 20 or so brilliant graduates, and about 10 clients we’d be presenting in front of- it was nerve wrecking to say the least! But as the day went on not only did I find myself having a great time, I also learnt tons and walked away with multiple interviews with a few clients. That’s when things got really crazy- the next few days I had interviews lined up back to back, each role I interviewed for so perfectly catered to my career aspirations.

Exactly 3 days after the Education Day, I was offered my current role as a Field Consultant for Smart Salary- the dream job in my opinion for a number of reasons.

Being placed in a mid-senior level position, there was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to prove myself. Luckily I had all the support of my firm and mentors to help me achieve my goals. Within my first month, I saw myself come within the top ten consultants in the company, and also completed my first independent client presentation to a room of 12 high profile executives. Thereafter, I was selected to be a part of a special campaign with 2 other Smart Salary representatives, where I managed to smash my targets by 200% and come out as the top performer on the day despite being the most junior there!

Not only am I thoroughly enjoying what I do, but the flexibility and great work environment combined with the incentives makes going to work everyday so rewarding. It’s hard to believe I only just stepped out of University a few months ago when I see how quickly I’ve progressed in my career.

It’s no doubt that without the help of ProForce I would never have been exposed to the opportunities I did. Their continued support through my career with the on-going training and networking has really helped in me in building my skills as well as make new social and professional contacts. Moving forward, I know that ProForce shall remain a big influence in my career through their executive alumni.

My career shows no signs of slowly down any time soon and for that I’d like to thank ProForce! I couldn’t have asked for more.”

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Vanya Mariani's Story

Head of Sales, Ltd

“As an ambitious graduate looking to kick start my career, ProForce was a natural choice to help me on my journey. I remember the process being challenging, but something I most certainly enjoyed. All good things comes to those who work hard & ProForce was certainly instrumental in providing me the opportunities that have successfully resulted in a strong career in media.

My media career is now in its 6th year; over this period I have held a co-ordinator position up to Head of Sales working across a variety of clientele. Today I am Head of Sales for a mid-sized publicly listed Classifieds and Technology company, Ltd.

Starting out as a co-ordinator in a direct sales team was an amazing learning ground where I was able to prove myself to be a fast learner, and less than a year later I found myself looking after a multi-million dollar portfolio in the agency sales team as an account manager. I grew my agency patch consistently by 30-40% from 2011 to 2013. I managed 3 of the top 5 largest spending auto manufacturer and finance clients within Mediamotive, earning my second company-wide recognition; the coveted Sales Award in 2011. In the same year Mediamotive earned a B&T Sales Team of the Year Nomination.

Today as the Head of Sales in VIC, SA & WA; I manage a sales team that contributes 25% of   Ltd overall revenue. Mediamotive continues to grow at 25% YOY, where I support an ethos that is client centric.

Having come full cycle through the ProForce process, I can proudly call upon the outstanding relationship that has built between us over the years. ProForce’s ability to distinguish individual talent is spot on, both in my own personal experience, and also in the fantastic recruits we have brought on board through their assistance since. Their sincerity and professionalism is unmatched, and I couldn’t recommend them enough not just for new graduates looking to kick-start their careers, but also to companies looking to work with a consultancy that maintains high integrity and delivers exceptional standards.”

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Bianca Mitchell's Story

Inside Sales Representative, Intuit

“I remember visiting a career counsellor whilst at University and walking out even more confused than before. The realities of looking for work in the real world were far different to what universities had told us, this I learnt quickly and the hard way. When I went forward for ProForce Education day I genuinely had no idea what to expect, all I knew is I was hungry to begin my career.

“Ten months later, I find myself working in a field far different to what I studied, and I absolutely love it. I started my career as an Inside Sales Representative for Intuit, the company behind the world’s leading cloud accounting solution QuickBooks Online.“It’s been a steep learning curve to say the least! I dove into the fast paced world of sales head on, and had to quickly learn to manage clients, build new business and keep on top of the industry and marketplace. 

“I am lucky to have a great support network at work and also through ProForce training. My colleagues are the best! Everyone at Intuit uplifts each other, and I think that’s also due to the nature of the sales environment, it’s a very positive work atmosphere to be in. 

“My one piece of advice to graduates is: have an open mind. I studied Finance, and hadn’t considered B2B sales until I attended the ProForce Education Day. The many resources I used including information on how to present myself was the key to my confidence during job interviews. Today it’s a great feeling to be admired by my family and friends and be proud of myself for achieving so much in such a short time.

I definitely gained much more than I expected by joining Intuit Australia, thanks to ProForce!”

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––– What Our Clients Have To Say –––

  • “Nimble Storage engaged with ProForce in 2012 to assist the business in building an Inside Sales function. They have now placed four graduates in the business, a Marketing Associate and 3 ISR’s. The first ISR placed, has since progressed into an Account Executive position. ProForce have been extremely valuable in finding quality sales talent for us and helping our business grow.”

    Rob Barton, Director of Sales, Australia and New Zealand, Nimble Storage


  • "VitalCall has been working with ProForce for over 6 months now. In today’s competitive talent-hunt market, it is hard to find an organisation that can put you in front of talented young people and deliver a supportive training program whilst still being cost effective — ProForce does just that. They are able to find talented and driven individuals that will deliver results to your business at a fraction of the cost you expect from traditional recruitment sources."

    Gui Feijo, National Manager, VitalCall


  • "The experience with using Proforce is quite Unique and exciting. It gives you the ability to have a great choice of high quality candidates all in the one place with a process that not only saves time but money."

    Alan Stewart, General Manager - Sales Australia, Chubb Electronic Security


  • “I needed to build my Sales team over a short period of time. Proforce helped me by filling my vacancies all on schedule in the time frame I had planned. One thing I liked was their quick turn around and quality of the candidates they put forward. I found them to be highly professional and the process ran really smoothly. I would recommend Proforce to any company who need high quality candidates for their company.”

    Joel Ramirez, Business Practice Manager, Financials for Office 365