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Finding the Right Mentor

Finding the Right Mentor

03 June 2015 07:30

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ProForce Sydney Offices

Finding the Right Mentor

We all have people that inspire us. People who encourage us to dream big, live large and persevere through trial. Some of these people may be known to us personally - a friend, a boss or perhaps a relative. Others we may know through news of their deeds and motivations.

We may be inspired by the fortitude and capacity to forgive of Nelson Mandela. A man who helped change a nation through the path of reconciliation. We may be amazed by the courage and vision of Mark Zuckerburg who at only 22 turned down a $1 Billion takeover bid from Yahoo. We look at these people and wonder how they had the perseverance, wisdom and vision to live like they do or did.

We can see that the most successful people in the world (whatever your definition of the word) have mentors. Numerous studies show that people with mentors are more successful, purposeful and report higher levels of happiness.

Peter Low, Founder and Director, Cavalry

Peter Low is the founder and Director of Cavalry, one of the country’s leading and fastest growing IT Cloud and Managed Service Companies.
Cavalry have been one of Australia’s Top 50 fastest growing IT firms (as recognised by the CRN Fast 50) and have also been recognised as one of the Top 200 IT Managed Service Firms Globally (MSPMentor 501).
Peter was a scholarship recipient for his Bachelor of Business Degree from the University of Technology Sydney, and has a MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management where he was voted "Most likely to succeed as CEO" by his cohort peers.
To relax, Peter enjoys a good meal with friends/family, reading, the outdoors and sports (he holds a Black Belt so don’t argue with him!)

Join us from 7:30am for a bite of breakfast before we sit down to engage in a learning experience led by an industry expert.
Walk away armed with a meaningful insight and proven strategies that enable you to unleash your full potential in both your professional and personal lives.
Thereafter, participate in the opportunity to introduce yourself to other like-minded professionals in a networking session that shall commence at 8:30am to 9:15am.